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Product Details


The COVID 19 Survivors copper rounds are a tribute to all that have been through the 2020 global pandemic. Each round contains 1 AVDP oz of 999 Pure Copper.


  • Ships individually in protective packaging
  • Consisting of 1 AVDP oz of 999 Pure Copper
  • Obverse: Features the depictions of a hazmat gas mask, the international hazmat symbol for a biohazard, a set of angelic wings reaching upward encircled in a background field consisting of the world map, the edges feature a beaded element along with the inscriptions "COVID-19 SURVIVORS" and "2020 PANDEMIC"
  • Reverse: Features a heraldic shield adorned with eagle wings holding three central stars as well as three stars to each of its sides, a skyline consisting of skyscrapers is part of the design element, the American flag on top of the shield and the words COPPER .999 FINE and ONE AVDP OUNCE inscribed

The obverse design of the COVID 19 survivors round features different aspects of the pandemic. The central element consists of a set of angelic wings reaching upward (possibly representing all of those that perished), a survival mask is featured below the set of wings, and the international hazmat symbol is featured above. The background field includes a world map representing the pandemic's global reach.

Copper is a metal that has been used by humanity for thousands of years; even though it does not hold the status of a precious metal, the high conductivity and malleability of this reddish material, along with its affordable price, makes it a great option for a range of large scale industrial applications in multiple industries, such as construction, medical, electrical, minting, welding and many more.

The symbol "Cu" comes from the Latin word "cuprum". The original name was "aes cyprium" a reference to the island of Cyprus where the material was abundant, with time, it got corrupted and became known as "cuprum".

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